Instant Dry Konjac Rice

Hethstia offer instant dry konjac rice in various flavors, sizes, and packaging options.
We also produce konjac noodles, konjac rice, drinkable Konjac jelly, and other konjac food products.
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Hethstia Instant Dry Konjac Rice Rocket Your Business

Hethstia is a konjac food manufacturer integrating Konjac cultivation, processing, packaging, and storage. This provides Hethstia with significant cost advantages, allowing us to deliver you the highest quality Konjac products.


Additionally, Hethstia can design creative branding, customize Konjac food packaging, and provide a one-stop service.

As China’s largest and most professional Konjac food manufacturer, Hethstia can offer you competitively priced konjac products.


Our Konjac product range includes original Konjac noodles, organic Konjac noodles, dried Konjac noodles, instant Konjac noodles, konjac powder, and Konjac jelly.


We can provide you with free samples of Konjac food products for quality inspection before placing a large order. You will receive detailed photos and production videos for each order.

Instant Dry Konjac Rice

The main ingredients are dried konnyaku rice, rice flour or tapioca starch, and water, combined with a special sauce, nori seaweed sheets, and sesame, resulting in an instant food product. 

They are made primarily from dried konjac rice, rice flour, and tapioca starch. The ingredients consist of sesame teriyaki sauce and seaweed flakes.

They are made primarily from dry konjac rice, rice flour, or tapioca starch and water. The ingredients consist of sesame teriyaki sauce and seaweed flakes. The sauce contains soy products.

Certificate as proof, strength guarantee

As one of the best Konajc food manufacturers, Hethstia has passed a lot of certifications like HACCP, BRC, IFS certification, and more.


We have 10 sets of different Konajac noodles manufacturing lines and a house packaging materials factory.


Whether you need konjac food or need to custom any product packaging materials, Hethstia can always satisfy your needs


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