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Hethstia Konjac Brand History

We would like to tell you about our humble start and mission/vision of our brand.
hethstia 1985

Since 1985, Liu Lei’s father had been cultivating konjac and roughly processing it into powder.

hethstia 1989

In 1989, Liu Lei was born in Muchuan, located in the Jinsha River Basin. As a child, Liu Lei often followed his father in the fields, listening to his father talk about all aspects of konjac. A dream emerged in his heart – he wanted to take Konjac beyond Muchuan.

hethstia 2008

In 2008, Liu Lei stood in front of the terminal, watching the airplane’s tail vanish into the clouds, mixed feelings of anticipation and anxiety surging in his heart. Bearing his family’s expectations and dreams for the Konjac industry, he embarked on a journey to Japan. During his study in Japan, he was amazed at the widespread popularity of konjac in Japanese cuisine. He devoted himself to learning Japanese konjac techniques.

hethstia 2012

In 2012, Liu Lei passionately returned home. After a long talk with his father, he decided to take the family business to new heights. The same year, the Hethstia Company was born. Hethstia’s core philosophy is dedicated to health and well-being. The name is a combination of “Health” and “Hestia” (the ancient Greek goddess of home and family), which outlines their mission and strengthens Liu Lei and his team’s pursuit of a simple belief: “Discover a healthier diet with konjac.”

hethstia 2015

Since 2015, Hethstia has collaborated with authoritative research institutions and top universities, such as Southwest University, the only one with a Konjac research specialty, resulting in at least five new products each year. The company has not only built an integrated platform of industry, study, and research but also won over 60 patents and several trademarks. Finally, previous intolerance symptoms disappeared through persistence and innovation. The products could be consumed long-term, providing people with a strong sense of fullness.

hethstia 2022

In 2022, Hethstia created the world’s first Konjac Technology Park, successfully developing variations of konjac that can be customized according to customers’ individual needs, such as Sentai 1-9 with high GL, and ready-to-eat konjac. This innovative move has once again transcended the limits of konjac’s taste and health, opening a new chapter for the future of food culture.

hethstia today

Today, Hethstia has become a renowned international company, with products sold in over 100 countries and regions, presenting new healthy dietary options. Simultaneously, Hethstia has taken on social responsibilities, helping more than 4000 konjac farmers, contributing to the 50 billion yuan comprehensive output value of Muchuan County’s 50,000-acre konjac base, providing villagers with stable wealth channels and employment opportunities. Hethstia continues to actively explore breeding.

It's all about the land

In the heart of the Jinsha River, where it gently flows, our konjac thrives in sunlight’s embrace and harmonious climate. Fertile soil and preserved ecosystems ensure this land’s enduring enchantment, nurturing the konjac’s unique essence for generations to come.

Jinsha Jiang

Optimal Sunshine Duration

6.26 hours sunlight time per day.

Abundant Rainfall

The rainfall is 1371mm per year.

Balanced Ecosystem

It is considered to be one of the most beautiful region in China.

Nutrient-rich Soil

The Jinsha River brings nutrients to the land.

Hethstia is a well-known Konjac brand based in Sichuan offering an extensive range of healthy, natural Konjac products. Our konjac farm is located near Jinsha River which is the best origin of konjac.


Hethstia’s products are all GMO-free and allergens and its associated facilities are HACCP, BRC, and IFS certified. We’ve been in this business for over 30 years and is still growing. Our products have been exported to more than 60 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

The Largest Konjac Industrial Park In China

Hethstia’s unique position as the only konjac industrial park in the world allows the company to invest in research and development, resulting in innovative konjac products and applications that cater to evolving consumer demands.

Hethstia’s organic planting base ensures that the konjac is grown without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers, contributing to a healthier environment and sustainable farming practices.

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