Original Konjac Spaghetti Low Carb & Low Calorie

The Original Konjac Spaghetti contains only 6 calories per serving, making it the perfect choice for anyone on a low-calorie diet.
Additionally, it greatly impacts your weight loss journey, thanks to its rich fiber content.

  • Low Calorie, Gluten Free.
  • Fiber-Rich for Better Digestion.
  • Say Goodbye to Bland Diets.
  • Quick and Easy.
  • Odor-Free Experience.

Original Konjac Spaghetti Specification

Low Calorie:  Original Konjac skinny spaghetti contains only 6 calories per serving, making it the perfect choice for anyone on a low-calorie diet. 


Fiber-Rich for Better Digestion: It is a rich source of dietary fiber, which helps aid digestion and promote weight loss. This product lets you enjoy a fulfilling meal without feeling weighed down or sluggish.


Say Goodbye to Bland Diets: The Konjac Keto Spaghetti is a better pasta alternative that delivers great taste without eliminating your appetite. 


Quick and Easy: It is quick and easy to prepare, making it a perfect choice for busy individuals or anyone looking for a hassle-free meal option.


Odor-Free Experience: Unlike other konjac noodles that have a bad smell, this product is completely odor-free, ensuring a pleasant culinary experience with every meal.

Product Name:

Original Konjac Spaghetti

Noodles type:

Vermicelli, Spaghetti, Fettuccine, Tagliatelle, etc

Dietary Fiber:




Features: Low Calorie, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Rich In Fiber

Shelf Life:

14 Months

Original Konjac Spaghetti Descriptions

Experience Guilt-Free Pasta Dishes with Konjac Spaghetti

A Nutritious and Delicious Alternative to Traditional Pasta

Are you looking for a healthy, gluten-free alternative to regular pasta that still delivers on taste and satisfaction?


It is perfect for those who want to maintain a balanced diet without sacrificing hearty flavor. As a distinguished supplier of health and nutritional products, our company prides itself on its unwavering dedication to producing premium-quality Konjac spaghetti.


These gluten-free wonders are low in calories, carbohydrates, sugar, and fat. They are also excellent for the health-conscious and those with dietary restrictions.

Original Konjac Spaghetti​
Konjac Spaghetti

What is Konjac?

Konjac, also known as glucomannan, is a plant native to Asia that is rich in dietary fiber.


We use the roots of this plant to make powder, which serves as the basis for making konjac noodles (commonly known as “Shirataki noodles”).

Our spaghetti is certified organic and non-GMO, ensuring that you

magical konjac
Comparison of nutrition between konjac food and other common pasta options including carbohydrates, protein, fat, and calories

Weight Loss and Calorie Control with Low-Calorie Konjac Spaghetti

The main benefit of konjac spaghetti lies in its low-calorie content. With just a fraction of the calories found in traditional pasta. Konjac noodles make it easy to maintain your daily calorie intake while still enjoying a satisfying meal. This is especially beneficial for those looking to lose weight or simply control their calorie intak.   As you can enjoy a generous portion without worrying about consuming too many calories.

Maintain Blood Sugar Levels with Low-Carb, Sugar-Free Konjac Spaghetti

If you’re watching your carbohydrate and sugar intake, it is an ideal choice. This low-carb, sugar-free alternative to regular pasta allows you to indulge in your favorite pasta dishes without causing spikes in your blood sugar levels. 


This makes Konjac noodles a great option for diabetics and those looking to maintain stable blood sugar levels throughout the day.

Boost Your Digestive Health with Fiber-Rich Konjac Spaghetti

It is a rich dietary fiber source with numerous health benefits. Fiber aids in digestion promotes regular bowel movements and helps maintain overall gut health. 


By incorporating konjac noodles into your diet, you can support your digestive system and ensure a smooth and efficient digestive process.

Enjoy a Gluten-Free, Allergy-Friendly Alternative to Traditional Pasta

For those who suffer from gluten intolerance or celiac disease, finding a delicious and satisfying pasta alternative can be a challenge. Thankfully, konjac spaghetti offers a gluten-free option that doesn’t compromise on taste or texture. 


This makes it the perfect choice for anyone with gluten sensitivities or allergies, allowing you to indulge in your favorite pasta dishes without worry.

Keto Konjac Pasta
Flowchart for cooking konjac pasta

Stay Healthy with Fat-Free, GMO-Free Konjac Spaghetti

It is not only fat-free but also GMO-free, making it an excellent choice for health-conscious consumers. By choosing a product that is free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs).You can be confident that you are consuming a natural, wholesome food that supports your overall health and well-being.

Savor the Odorless, Flavorful Konjac Spaghetti Experience

One of the most appealing aspects of konjac spaghetti is its odorless nature. Unlike other konjac products, which can sometimes have a fishy or unpleasant smell, it is completely odor-free, allowing you to enjoy your meal without any distractions. 


This makes it the perfect base for your favorite sauces and seasonings, as the neutral taste of the noodles will enhance and complement your chosen flavors.

Incorporate Konjac Spaghetti into Your Favorite Dishes

It is incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide range of dishes, from classic spaghetti and meatballs to more adventurous Asian-inspired stir-fries. 


Simply replace traditional pasta with konjac noodles in your favorite recipes to create delicious, guilt-free meals that cater to a variety of dietary needs.

Embrace a Healthier Lifestyle with Konjac Spaghetti

Discover the numerous benefits of konjac spaghetti for weight loss, blood sugar control, digestive health, and more. 

Make the switch to this nutritious and delicious pasta alternative and enjoy guilt-free, satisfying meals that support your overall well-being.

shirataki pasta
spaghetti shirataki
pasta noodles

Original Konjac Spaghetti Word of Mouth​

Original food konjac noodles shirataki 14 Dec 2023 23:19
Read More
I follow a paleo diet and found konjac noodles to be the best alternative to pasta. I came across this brand just recently but I find their konjac noodles excellent and the price is ok too. I like the texture, somewhat feels al dente. They have no flavor so they pick the flavor of the sauce you use.The product was as described and met all my expectations.
Organic food konjac noodles shirataki konjac fettuccine14 Dec 2023 23:19
Read More
I am very satisfied with purchasing from Sentaiyuan Biotechnology Co. It was a pleasure working with their contact Cindy and she was very easy to communicate with and I had no language issues. Cindy was always helpful and quickly answered any questions I had before and throughout my order.
Wholesale instant ramen korean noodles konjac14 Dec 2023 23:19
Read More
I have visited the company and factory. It's huge. Every process is in strict quality. I am pretty satisfied with the products with my label. The Fettuccine remains Al Dente through out, which is exactly how Pasta should be like. Noodles, honestly between traditional and konjac noodles, there is hardly any noticeable difference. This is our best seller. The taste and color is perfect. It doesn't have a weird smell/taste like other konjac.

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