protein pancake flour with Protein 25g/100g

Protein Pancake Flour – your key to starting the day right with a perfect blend of nutrition and taste.


It’s fuel for your body, designed by the leading manufacturer of natural konjac products, Hethstia.


Crafted with your health and palate in mind, this best pancake flour is not just food.


It’s time to redefine your mornings with the healthiest pancake flour on the market – because your body deserves the best.

Protein pancake flour Specification

Recipe: Pea protein powder, Oat flour, Resistant dextrin, Milk powder, Calcium lactate, Konjac flour, 0 Carb sugar, Inulin, Zinc gluconate, Iron pyrophosphate.

Feature: Family Friendly, Easy to make, Soft taste, Low fat, Delicious.

Net weight: 5.92 OZ (150g)


Shelf life: 12 months


Storage: Stored in a cool & dry place. Kept away from strong light and heat.


Pea Protein Powder17
Gluten powder13.48
Soy Protein Isolate Powder9
Oat Flour8
Resistant Dextrin7.89
Pea Fiber Powder7
Konjac Powder6
Baking Powder1.5
Calcium Lactate0.1
Zinc Gluconate0.01
Iron Pyrophosphate0.02

nutrition pancake powder

Nutrition Facts Per Serving
Energy 158.7Kcal
Protein 20.8g
Total Fat 0.2g
Total Carbohydrate 12.4g
Dietary Fiber 11.5g
Sodium 201mg

Cooking preparation

Low Carb Pancake Powder 150g
Milk 150g
Egg 1pcs

Why Choose Hethstia's Protein Pancake Flour?

Our protein pancake flour is a beacon of health and convenience in a world where mornings are rushed and nutrition can often take a backseat. With Hethstia, you’re not just making pancakes but crafting a wellness experience in every bite.

Protein Pancake Flour

Rich in Protein, Low in Carbs: The pea protein and konjac flour blend ensures that you start your day with a high level of protein. Keeping you feeling fuller for longer without causing a carb crash.


All-Natural Ingredients: We carefully choose every ingredient in our protein pancake flour, from oat flour to zero-carb sugar and natural milk powder, to make sure you receive only the best, non-GMO, and wholesome nutrition.


Versatile Cooking: Whether you’re craving flour pancakes, oat flour pancakes, or pancakes enriched with protein powder. Follow our simple pancake flour recipe or experiment with your own!

Best Pancake Flour

For the Health-Conscious Diner

By adding Hethstia’s protein pancake flour into your diet means choosing a meal that supports your well-being.


Our flour not only cater to the protein-consuming population but also provide a healthy alternative to traditional breakfast.


Creating your protein-rich pancakes is as easy as it is enjoyable.


For those curious about `how to make pancakes with flour milk eggs and sugar`.  Our flour simplifies the process, offering a straightforward recipe that delivers exceptional results every time.

Best Pancake Flour

Experience the Healthiest Pancake Flour

Imagine a breakfast that fuels your day, supports your dietary choices, and indulges your taste buds – that’s what our recipes with pancake flour offer.


And if you’re wondering, `Can you make pancakes with flour that’s both nutritious and delightful?` ,Our answer is a resounding yes.


At Hethstia, we believe that your food should be your ally in a healthy lifestyle.


Quality, natural ingredients, and the benefits of konjac food reflect our commitment to your health and satisfaction.

What's the difference between pancake flour and waffle flour

1. Ingredients:

Hethstia Protein Pancake Flour: Often contains unique or high-quality components, such as organic or non-GMO ingredients, alternative flours for health benefits, or added protein.

Waffle flour: Might use more conventional ingredients, which could include additives, artificial flavors, or preservatives.

2. Nutritional Profile:

Hethstia Protein Pancake Flour: This could be designed with a specific nutritional goal in mind, like higher protein content, fewer carbohydrates, or no added sugar.

Waffle flour: There may be less focus on nutritional fortification and more on taste or cost-effectiveness, which may result in increased sugar or calorie content.

3. Taste and Texture:

Hethstia Protein Pancake Flour: The different ingredients used may give the pancakes a distinctive taste or a more desirable texture, such as fluffiness or a hearty grain feel.

Waffle flour: May prioritize traditional pancake flavor and texture that many people are familiar with.

4. Brand Ethics:

Hethstia Protein Pancake Powder: The company emphasize sustainable practices, ethical sourcing, and transparent production processes.

Waffle flour: The approach to these aspects can vary greatly between different brands, with some not prioritizing these factors.

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