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Discover the Possibilities of Konjac for a Healthy Lifestyle

older people

Konjac food benefits for the old people with its low-calorie, high-fiber, and gluten-free properties.
Aiding digestion, controlling blood sugar, supporting heart and bone health.


Konjac food can help manage diabetes due to its low-carb, 0-sugar content, and Low GI.
Making it a suitable choice for diabetic individuals looking to control their glucose levels and maintain a balanced diet.


Our newest konjac noodles combined with soybean ingredients, and minerals greatly increase the protein level. Making it a good option for Children.


People diet for different reasons, but most of the diets require low-calorie. Konjac food provides a less painful option, making people feel full for a long.

Fitness Enthusiasts
Fitness Enthusiasts

Konjac food can be included in the diets of fitness enthusiasts and athletes who want to maintain a low-calorie intake while ensuring they get enough fiber to support their active lifestyle.

What Konjac?

Imagine a plant-based food that’s low in calories but high in versatility. 

Capable of absorbing flavors like a magician’s hat holds endless surprises. 

Konjac food is the healthy eater’s best-kept secret, offering a guilt-free alternative to calorie-laden ingredients. 

Join us on a flavorful journey into the world of Konjac, where healthy and delicious unite in perfect harmony!

Konjac noodles

Why Choose Us?​

Every patch is traceable

From farm to plate, we are the only few companies that control the full production process. Ensuring outstanding quality.

Organic Farming

We provide products with organic certificates. Sustainability is our commitment. Which can greatly help businesses with compliance pressures.

Versatile Pricing

Our pricing is highly versatile. Catering to both small orders with low MOQs and large bulk orders with significant discounts.

Best Service

With 30 years of experience in the market. Hethstia knows how to satisfy our customers. From pre-sale to after-sale, we have a dedicated team to solve problems.

Wide Range of Product

Rice, noodles, pasta with different flavors. We actively looking for every possible form of konjac food.

Strong Research Ability

Each year, Hethstia’s research team develops new products, to make konjac food even healthier. We break our record of 9 calories per serving to 6 calories per serving.

Become our partner

Hethstia’s brand value is not created from the copywriter’s office, it is created from years of cooperation with our Partner. Being our Partner, you will benefit from the values that we created together:


Discovery: In the past, konjac food was used to make Asian cuisine. It is our Partner’s idea, that we discover the big potential of the global market. Then, different shapes of konjac pasta were introduced to the world.


Innovation: We keep innovating our Konjac foods. Whether it is lower calories, better texture, or higher protein content. Our motivation for innovation is not coming from anywhere. It is because our Partners give us insight to better understand the market. 


Trustworthiness: We know how difficult it is to build trust. We build it with action, not words. It lies in every consistent batch, open and honest commitment, and on-time problem-solving.


Passion: At Hethstia, our passion is the driving force behind everything we do. It’s not just about business; it’s about a deep-rooted enthusiasm for konjac and its potential. 


Our passion for this incredible ingredient goes beyond the office walls; it’s forged through years of collaboration with our dedicated Partners.

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Hethstia’s Distributor Program

Store Owner

Store owner: Great expansion of your health food category.

Amazon Owner

E-commerce business owner: Trendv food on e-commerce platform.

Business Starter

Business starter: Lowest MOQ in the industry

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Our konjac food production process allows us to produce in as little as 3 days.

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Hethstia’s Distributor Program

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Start with low MOQ​

Start with low MOQ

Marketing support from Hethstia​

Marketing support from Hethstia

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Delicate package design from renowned artist

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