Bulk Bread Flour​

Upgrade your baking with our bulk bread flour – low-carb, high-protein, and versatile.


Our flour is your cornerstone for culinary creativity, ideal for creating everything from rustic loaves to exquisite pastries.


We’re more than just a flour supplier. 


We’re extending an invitation to join a movement towards healthier and more sustainable baking practices.


With our bulk bread flour, embrace the freedom to create, nourish, and enjoy baking in its purest form.

bulk bread flour Specification

Recipe: Gluten powder, Pea protein powder, Pea fiber flour, Konjac flour, Inulin, Oat flour tapioca flour, Salt, 0 calories sugar.

Feature: Low Carb, Low Fat, High Protein, High Dietary Fiber.

Net weight: 200g


Shelf life: 12 months


Storage: Stored in a cool & dry place. Kept away from strong light and heat.

Gluten Powder47.89
Pea Protein Powder10
Pea Fiber7.3
Oat Powder3
Tapioca Flour3
Konjac Flour3
Mulberry Leaf Flavonoids0.1
White Kidney Bean Extract0.1

nutrition bread flour

Nutrition FactsPer Serving(100g)
Total Fat4g
Total Carbohydrate12g
Dietary Fiber0.252g

Cooking preparation

Low Carb Bread Flour200g

Why Our Bulk Bread Flour Transforms Baking

organic bread flour

Unrivaled Quality: Harvested from fertile fields, our bread flour bulk ensures your creations are delicious and free from unwanted additives.

This is the best flour for bread, promising peace of mind with every bite.

Nutritional Excellence: Our bread flour bulk stands out as a nutritional powerhouse, boasting a formula abundant in dietary fiber and protein.

Crafting wholesome, nutrient-packed breads becomes not just an art but a contribution to well-being.


Versatile Baking Mastery: Whether you’re experimenting with bread flour recipes, venturing into multigrain bread flour territories, or comparing bread flour to all-purpose flour, our bread flour offers unmatched adaptability.

It’s even perfect for those unique recipes, like using bread flour for cookies.

Benefits Beyond the Bake

nutrition bread flour

Sustainability: Choosing our bulk bread flour aligns with a commitment to environmental stewardship, supporting sustainable farming practices with every purchase.


Health and Wellness: Embrace a lifestyle where nutritious bread flour meets culinary delight. Ideal for those seeking low-carb bread flour options without compromising taste.


Economic Advantage: Buying in bulk is not only an environmentally friendly option but also an economical one that reduces packaging waste.

Benefits Beyond the Bake

Your Trustworthy Partner in Baking

Our bulk bread flour is not just a product. It’s a testament to our dedication to quality, health, and sustainability. Embark on a journey of culinary excellence with our bread flour.


If you’re running a bakery, a home cook, or a health-conscious foodie, it can help you take your baking to the next level. With our flour, each loaf, and each cookie becomes a testament to the true art of baking.

Hethstia - bulk bread flour Supplier in China

Our unique bread flour offers a revolutionary approach to traditional baking. We’ve crafted it for those who appreciate the subtleties of perfectly baked bread.

What is the difference between Hethstia bread flour and traditional?

Hethstia bread flour bulk differs from traditional bread flour in composition, nutrition, and baking. It has unique ingredients for health benefits and baking performance, catering to specific dietary needs.

1. Composition: Hethstia bread flour includes alternative flours and additives to support dietary needs without compromising baking quality. This composition supports dietary needs, such as high-fiber diets, without compromising the baking quality.

2. Nutritional Value: Hethstia bread flour offers superior nutrition with pea protein and fiber flour for a high protein and high fiber profile. Ideal for health-conscious baking.

3. Baking Characteristics: Hethstia bread flour offers unique baking characteristics for bread, pastries, and dietary preferences like low-carb, and high-protein needs. It may produce bread with a distinct texture, flavor, and nutritional profile.

Advantages of bread flour
Advantages of bread flour

In summary, while traditional bread flour is a staple for conventional baking, Hethstia bread flour represents a more tailored approach, offering enhanced nutritional benefits and catering to a broader range of dietary requirements, without sacrificing the joy and satisfaction of baking.

Can you use bulk bread flour for cookies?

can you use bread flour for cookies

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