Purified Konjac Flour In Skincare

Purified Konjac Flour In Skincare

Purified Konjac Flour

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Advantages of Purified Konjac Flour in Skincare Products

What skincare are commonly found in purified konjac flour?

1, Konjac Mask

The Konjac mask is made from purified Konjac flour.

Konjac mask has the following advantages:
Konjac Mask
Konjac Mask

6 steps to make a konjac mask: dissolving, inverting, pre-freezing, dehydrating, sterilizing and packaging

2, Konjac Facial Cleanser

The main ingredients of Konjac Facial Cleanser are as follows:
Konjac Facial Cleanser has the following features:

How to make konjac facial cleanser:

Konjac Facial Cleanser
Konjac Facial Cleanser

3, Desensitized Konjac Flour

Desensitized konjac powder is prepared by ultra-micro pulverization, biological enzyme treatment, and ultrasonic and microwave treatment technology, which eliminates allergenic components and increases the content of glucan, making it suitable for use in the field of cosmetics and medical supplies.

Application of desensitized konjac powder in cosmetics

Preparation process of desensitized konjac flour:

Desensitized konjac flour
Desensitized Konjac Flour

Safety Verification

After the above process, the content of glucomannan in desensitized konjac flour was increased to more than 93%. Through this special process, the desensitized konjac flour eliminates these allergenic components.

According to the hygienic standard of cosmetics of the Chinese Ministry of Health, a series of safety evaluations were carried out on desensitized konjac powder, including tests of acute dermal toxicity, skin irritation, multiple skin irritation, skin metamorphosis (sensitization) and acute eye irritation. The results proved that it was non-irritating and non-sensitizing to the skin and eyes, and was suitable for use in various cosmetics.

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